TDP was founded in 1987 as a sub-supplier of important local companies. Thanks to the drive and entrepreneurship of founder Pietro Danelutti, the company has developed and become a strong and successful production company in Carnia.
As time passed, Francesca, Anna, and Piersandro - the founder's children - joined the management and contributed successfully to the company's development from an artisan organization to an industrial one.

Customer Direction

TDP's main strong points are organization and constant customer direction. The company continuously aims at optimizing its existing know-how and updating its processing equipment and methods.
This - together with a proven capacity to solve specific problems efficiently which results in a complete absence of customer complaints in the last years - brings meaning to the aim of "zero defects" of our Quality Policy.

Quality Policy

TDP wanted to aim at high quality products right from the start and thinks that it is fundamental to completely satisfy the client's needs through the implementation of an efficient and effective Quality System that can support the Management Policy.
On the basis of these principles, we have obtained the quality system certification according to standard ISO 9002 in February 2000 which was eventually renewed and updated to standard ISO 9001:2008.